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Charleston South Carolina is truly a city for everyone, the fourth “Best Destination City” anywhere in North America (as rated by Travel and Leisure Magazine). The whole of Charleston consists of 6 distinct districts; Peninsula, Downtown, West Ashley, Johns Island, James Island, Daniel Island, and the area of Cainhoy Peninsula. These 6 areas, as well as years of accompanying historic heritage, as helped make Charleston one of the most diverse and accepting cities in the world. Sometimes called “The Holy City,” Charleston has since its inception been a tolerant city for many different backgrounds, religious or ethnic. One fine example of this tolerance is back in colonial times; Charleston was the only city in the original thirteen colonies to provide religious tolerance to the French Huguenot Church, historically known as the “French Calvinists.” Charleston is well-known across the nation, even globally, for its unique culture, which blends West African, traditional southern American and French elements. This is due in large part from the city of Charleston’s famous port and the town’s own historic legacy.

Charleston History

Charleston History

The Carolina area, during colonial times, was divided among eight prominent gentlemen and loyalists to the crown, the Lords Proprietor. These eight lords were personal friends of Charles the II of England and were given their positions of power and land after the restoration of the British throne. The Lords Proprietor governed the lands of the Carolinas for many years, with many neighboring townships and regions taking their namesakes, and during their rule saw many changes to the region. Charleston in particular has seen its fair share of change and some troubling times. Early colonists had to erect a fortification wall around their fledging city to secure it from violent raids from roving pirates and even Native American tribes. Two buildings remain since this “The Walled City,” the Powder Magazine and the Pink House. Many other buildings from other Charleston eras remain, over 70 pre-Revolutionary buildings and 136 late 18th Century structures as well. During the 18th Century Charleston became a teeming trade center and one of the largest and wealthiest cities of the south. These qualities of fine living and commercial prosperity have remained true even to this day, evident in the happiness and high quality of life all Charleston residents have the opportunity to enjoy.

Charleston Parks & Recreation

Charleston Parks

The Charleston region is settled amid pristine Lowcountry scenery of South Carolina, that picturesque backdrop offers the residents of the area some of the finest in outdoor leisure pursuits. The regal mountains, towering waterfalls, roaring blackwater rivers and gorgeous lakefronts set the scene for many of Charleston’s outdoor entertainment. More activities can be throughout the area, especially in the South Carolina State Park systems. Covering more than 80,000 acres of protected lands from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sand dunes of the Atlantic, South Carolina and Charleston pride themselves on preserving the natural beauty of this fine state. A beauty that can be truly admired when spent on one of the areas beautiful clean beaches, relaxing seaside while the waves of the Atlantic lap the shore. Whatever your idea of excitement, Charleston South Carolina will have an area for you. Below are some of the area’s finest parks and outdoor opportunities.

Intramural Sports Program
Giving every child the opportunity to play an organized sport, the City of Charleston Department of Recreation Intramural Program instills both discipline and teamwork skills in children.

Hampton Park "Fun Run" Series 
Hampton Park "Fun Run" Series is a series of runs that cover two 14-week periods in which walkers are welcome to participate as well.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Pool
Offering residents of this region a chance to improve their backstroke and get in shape all at the same time.

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Charleston Local Events

Charleston Local Events

With such a culturally diverse area like Charleston, local events and entertaining happenings are common place. All around Charleston and its surrounding areas a plethora of activity takes place, entertainment and leisure for the all ages and for all lifestyles. Some of the activities include the Spoleto Festival USA, an annual 17-day festival of the arts showcasing the best in dance, theater, classical music, and jazz. Or experience the two-week celebration of African-American and Caribbean arts, the MOJA Arts Festivals and celebrations like these are frequent in Charleston, they can be found quite often throughout the city and the neighboring townships. Others include the Charleston Food and Wine FestivalMaritime Festival , and the Charleston Fashion Week.

Held each year in late May or early June, the Spoleto Festival USA hosts over 100 performances by international artists in a variety of disciplines.

Selected as one of the Southeast Tourism Society’s Top 20 events, the MOJA Arts Festival promises an exciting line-up of events with a rich variety of traditional favorites.

The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, the largest wildlife art and nature event in the nation, is held each year in the weekend preceding President’s Day.

Charleston Wine

Seminars, food tasting, a dine-around and culinary village are highlights of the weekend long, first annual, Charleston Food and Wine Festival.

The only competition in South Carolina sanctioned by “USA Track and Field,” the Cooper River Bridge Run is an annual 10,000 meter road running event held in the cities of Mount Pleasant and Charleston in South Carolina.

The Maritime Festival is a celebration of tall ships and boatbuilding, and features the Charleston to Bermuda Race. Held every May, and also features art contests, live music, and exhibitions.

Held by the fashion publication “Charleston Magazine,” The Charleston Fashion Week is a celebration of all things fashion and is now an annual event held every March.

Charleston Attractions

Charleston Bridge

Charleston is one of the most active and lively cities in this entire South Carolina region, the residents of this fine city enjoy its rich heritage and community atmosphere the most about this area, features and qualities they are more than eager to share with visitors and guests. Many attractions dot the Charleston landscape, ones that both showcase the area’s fulfilling history and secure infrastructure, ones that also educate as well as entertain. Below are some of Charleston’s most popular and interesting locales, read more about each one and fine which Charleston destination be fits your needs.

The largest cable-stayed bridge in the Americas, the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge across the Cooper River links Mount Pleasant with downtown Charleston.

The third most important Colonial building in the nation, the Old Exchange and Customs House features a dungeon which held various signers of the Declaration of Independence, hosted events for George Washington in 1791, and the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1788.

America’s First museum, the Charleston Museum displays exhibits that span from the city’s colonial settlement in the 1600’s to present day Charleston.

10 miles of undisturbed Atlantic beach and five world-renowned golf courses call Kiawah Island home.

250,000 acre forest offering a variety of recreation activities including: camping, boat ramps, fishing, hiking, horse and motorcycle trails.

South Carolina Aquarium

Birds, rays, sharks, otters, and fish represent a few of the amazing creatures that will be found under one roof at the South Carolina Aquarium.

Museum houses the largest private collection of manuscripts with historical significance in the world.

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