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Framed by award winning wineries, beautiful farm land and ranches that reflect the valley’s rich Western heritage, Livermore is a picturesque town located just minutes away from all major cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located on the eastern edge of the bay, Livermore is the ideal setting for everything from weddings to wine tastings, sports and businesses destinations, a showcase for the valley’s rich western heritage.

Livermore is known as THE wedding destination, as well as concerts and world class events. Considered the easternmost city in the Bay Area, it’s home to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The hubs of technology and innovation in the area, Livermore isn’t just a tourist destination, the city offers unique shopping opportunities for everything from finding the right shoes to finding the freshest produce and at the end of the shopping day, enjoy a fine dining experience.

A city known not just for art lovers, Livermore is also a great choice for people who love being active with everything from boating to bocce ball, rodeos to bike races. No matter what your interests are, there’s plenty to enjoy in and around the city. Livermore’s historic downtown is experiencing a renaissance, with a re-establishment of the area and the place to enjoy the best shopping, entertainment and dining around, all in a pedestrian friendly environment.

Businesses love the atmosphere in Livermore and that has helped make it one of the best places to start a business or join one of the many businesses already established - a great place to start a career, a family or anything in between.

Visit Livermore the next time you’re looking for an excellent getaway weekend. You’ll find it an inviting environment for every member of the family and put it at the top of your list of places to consider moving to!

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Livermore was incorporated under the Roman Catholic Mission San Jose in 1796, and used primarily as gazing land for the Mission’s cattle and sheep until the secularization of all Catholic Missions. The year 1837 saw vast amounts of land opened up for land grants. In 1846, Jose Noriega was the first in the area to plant orchards and vineyards and remained mostly farm land until after the discovery of gold, when Livermore became a popular stopping point for prospectors heading to seek their fortune.

Robert Livermore died before the establishment of the town that was named after him, and his ranch is where much of today’s city sits. Established in 1869 by William Mendenhall, who had met Livermore while with the Fremont’s California Battalion, Livermore became officially incorporated in 1876. Livermore is also noted for the role families played in the formation of the many wineries with its Mediterranean climate, the Italian families found it a good location to grow wine grapes, contributing to the development of the city. 

Attractions & Activities

Things to do and see 365 days a year are waiting for you here! From the arts, concerts, and bocce ball tournaments to shopping, enjoy your life, no matter the day of the year.


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Parks & Recreation



Parks, campgrounds, visitor centers and hiking trails are just a few of the great things happening here. Award winning areas with indoor and outdoor facilities are open to the public for residents and visitors alike to enjoy!


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Events Calendar


Livermore Wine Country Festival Located in downtown Livermore, admission is free and so is the fun!


Livermore Year Round Sunday Farmer’s Market

Come enjoy farm fresh produce year round, from local farmers every Sunday!

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Livermore Relocation Guide

To help with your move to Livermore, we’ve listed some websites below to assist you in getting settled and how to contact them, whether it’s for trash pickup or having your water turned on. Any of these sites will be glad to assist you, so welcome to Livermore!

Government & Public Safety Information

Livermore Official Website

Livermore Chamber of Commerce 

Livermore Fire Dept

Livermore Police/Sheriff Dept



Pacific Gas and Electric


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